Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Essay topic, theme, and thesis

Briefly describe the topic, theme, and thesis of your literary essay. Also, include some evidence from the book, short stories, or movies that support your thesis.


  1. My topic of my literary essay is going to be HIV/AIDS. The theme is also HIV/AIDS. My thesis of my essay is My essay is about HIV/AIDS. Throughout my paper, I'm going to write about the disesase and reflect it on, 'It happened to Nancy". -Hector Cabrera

  2. My topic of my essay is Hiv/Aids. The theme of my paper is Obssession. My thesis is that Nancy's obssession with Collin brings her into a lot of trouble and in many dangerous situations.Some evidence that supports my thesis from the book is how Nancy is always thinking about Collin 24/7.

  3. My TOPIC is going to be about HIV/AIDS. My theme is about emotions. My THESIS statement is that nancy meets some stranger on the street, his name is collin. And they go on like 2-5 dates. Then when nancy believes that hes the one, he rapes her. And the argument that i am making is that her emotions change throughout the book. Like at one point she loves him, and trust him. Then when he rapes her shes like, oh it was my fault, I hate him and I never want to see him ever again.


  4. Topic is HIV/AIDS,

    Theme: Emotions

    Thesis: How emotions can get the best of you

    Info that supports my thesis: In it Happened to Nancy, Nancy got obsessed overCollin and she didn't notice the fact that he was lying to her [like the time in the concert he said that her aunt didn't put her name in the list which she did]. Also in a book also written by Beatrice Sparks called Annie's Baby the girl,Annie, slso thought that she loved the guy,Danny, and even after he raped her she still stayed with him acting as if that never happened. She stayed with him until she got pregnant and he left her after that.

  5. Topic : Nancy

    Theme: Betrayal

    Thesis: Collin lied to Nancy, and ended up raping her in her own house.

  6. Topic: HIV/AIDS
    Theme: Denial and Young Love

    Thesis: how a person falls in love easily

    Nancy is a great representative for young love. she fell in love with this guy that she barley knew and she was so in denial in thinking that he was a good guy.

  7. My topic for my literary essay is young love and my thesis is young love is not always as you think, it may change along the way.

  8. The topic of my essay is HIV/AIDS and my theme is confidence. I chose this theme because since Nancy has the virus, confidence is one main thing that Nancy needs to keep her strength.

  9. The topic of my the literacy essay is HIV/AIDS. My theme is about how she denies her being raped. & i dont have a thesis yet :-[

  10. My topic is HIV/ AIDS.
    My theme is young love.
    My thesis is that becuase of Nancy's deep love for Collin she was raped. In the book she invited Collin inside her house when her mom was out and because she trusted him and deeply loved him. Those reasons led to him raping her in herwn house, in her mothers bed. That is my thesis.

  11. Topic: HIV/AIDS
    Thesis: How she denies getting raped because in the story she has a bad conscience about getting raped.

  12. Topic: HIV/AIDS
    Theme: Young Love
    Thesis: It puts her in danger and falls in love to easily.

  13. My topic is HIV. My Thesis is that nancy's situation could have been avoidable. My theme is falling in love to quickly and being naive.

  14. Topic : HIV/AIDS
    Theme: Innocence
    Thesis: Nancy's innocence makes it hard for her to accept that she has HIV.

  15. My topic is HIV/AIDS and my theme is Emotions. My thesis is Nancy has different emotions before and after she gets HIV.